Windsor Smith

Windsor Smith isn’t just an amazingly talented, innovative and wellrespected name in Interior design,

she is a differentiator… a spatial visualizer who comes into the world of design from a totally non-traditional, multifaceted background which enables her to not only create “pretty rooms” but homes that reflect and enhance the life being lived there…reimagining them to provide balance.   

She has a curiosity and drive to learn more about anything and everything in the world, and somehow incorporates it all into her thinking and approach to design. It is that unparalleled way of looking at the world that sets her apart in a way that is difficult to describe.  She is a mix of visionary, researcher, inventor, strategist, designer, best friend and guru… a natural savant when it comes to seeing beyond what is in front of us all to envisioning what could be there… both in the physical space and in our day to day lives, as she abides in the world of “WHAT IF…” A world filled with no boundaries and only has endless possibilities. 


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Windsor is your guide to envisioning and creating not only a unique home environment, but a lifestyle that goes beyond home design with ideas that enhance your life and inspire you to dream. In Windsor’s weekly newsletter, she’ll show you how to use your imagination to move beyond merely “seeing” and blindly accepting what is in front of you, to reflecting and challenging yourself to dream and realize what could be… a transition that opens with her asking one simple question that begins with : “WHAT IF…”



Gwyneth Paltrow captured it best in the forward of Windsor’s book “Homefront, Design For Modern Living”, when she said: “Her (Windsor) goal was to create a space for us to love in, not just live in…a house where family, and how we live, is the focus.  A house where entertaining is natural.  A house where, upon entering, you know you are home.